Combat Anxiety

Joey Hurl Breathwork guide and energy healer based in Byron Bay, Australia.

Founder of Joga Wellness – an all-inclusive wellness community focused on inspiration, motivation and transformation, and Mana Kai – Joey’s own personal transformational practice combining breathwork, movement, visualisation and connection – she is driven by a desire to activate joy, health and happiness in each of her clients.

With a history of chronic anxiety, Joey’s intention is to share the very teachings that shifted her on her own journey, through her group programs, private 1:1 sessions and online and in-person workshops.

It is her mission to help her clients grow physically, spiritually and emotionally, and to find joy in every moment.

Joey’s offerings include:

  • Private 1:1 Mana Kai, Breathwork + Reiki Sessions
  • 1:1 Mentoring – an exclusive way to work intimately together over a three month period, combining the powerful tools, practices and ancient teachings Joey has learned and embodied over the years. The intention is for you to rediscover the lost parts of yourself, ultimately guiding you back to your true essence and awaken joy.
  • The Awakening Group Program – An 8-week journey to awaken your truest expression of health, happiness + prosperity. Providing you with a holistic blueprint that combines ancient wisdom, energetic upgrades and powerful practices that will transform your life forever – mind, body and soul.
  • Mana Kai Workshops – nourishing and healing experiences designed to help relieve the body of anxiety, overwhelm and stress, taking you on a journey to soften back into yourself whilst balancing the nervous system.





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