Tanya Rosenbaum

Tanya Rosenbaum, Kambo Facilitator

The profound messages of the frog medicine helped Tanya to bring back her life, put in balance and discover the strength within that she never dreamed of.
Kambo has the ability of healing us physically, mentally and spiritually. It helps to integrate our minds with our hearts and re-align the chakras. Kambo helps us to bring back our natural state of perfect harmony and achieve our highest physical, emotional and spiritual potential.

Tanya has trained and worked with IAKP certified practitioners, as well as traditional Kambo application the Matses way. Tanya is passionate about bringing Kambo medicine to others for the purpose of healing them physically and discovering their inner gifts and strengths.

In addition to practicing Kambo, Tanya is a CPA and tax attorney and has private practice in that area. Currently, Tanya is a 1-st year student in Barbara Brennan Energy healing school.

You can reach Tanya at tanyarosenbaum@gmail.com or 301-996-6286.

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