Amy Lynn Hardy

Amy lived abroad in Bremerhaven, Germany for 11 years and worked as a language teacher, certified Zumba Fitness® Instructor, and movement coach before returning to her hometown of Buffalo, NY to pursue writing. Her passion for health and wellness shows up in her cooking, love of nature and the gym, and voracious reading habit. At the moment, she writes for Buffalo Spree, Huffington Post, Elephant Journal and others. She is also currently working on a novel, screenplays and other creative projects.

Spirituality and growth have been a major part of Amy’s life since 2013 when she began exploring books by Dolores Cannon, Michael Newton and Brian L. Weiss, which led to her signing up for intuitive and Tarot card readings as well as a past-life regression therapy session. Over the course of the following years, Amy worked with a spiritual life coach and a Reiki practitioner, becoming increasingly more interested in the spiritual side of life and diverse energy healing modalities. She recently completed coursework in Basic Pranic Healing at the Maryland Center for Pranic Healing and is integrating these practices into her life.

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