Audra Kai Woodley of Authentically Holistic using Quantum Biofeedback Technology

Authentically Holistic, LLC is a woman-owned health and wellness enterprise committed to helping holistic seekers discover the gateway to elevated health.

Our focus is to guide the client on a transformative journey, which melds state-of-the-art quantum biofeedback technology and the harmonious integration of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration!

Stressors, whether emotional or physical, can create energetic imbalances within the body. When ignored, they may evolve into premature aging and/or a prognostic disease. To get to the root cause of those imbalances, we focus on physiological healing using a 3-prong strategy:

Generational and Ancestral Trauma Resolution, Holistic Nutrition Implementation, & Health Sustaining Energetic Balancing

So I ask, “ARE YOU”……

Not feeling your best, but can‘t seem to pinpoint the root of the problem?

Seeking a holistic path to healing that goes beyond symptomatic management?

Struggling with persistent concerns that conventional medicine hasn’t fully addressed?

If “YES“ To Any Of These……

Allow us to help you gain insight into your well-being and align the body’s innate wisdom

Allow us to guide your pathway towards a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and homeostasis

Allow us to share the blueprint towards elevated health and a purposeful life that’s Authentically Holistic!

Audra Kai Woodley

Owner / Founder

Authentically Holistic, llc 





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