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Chris Plourde Consciousness Performance Coach

I am a coach, a businessman, a father, and a husband. I have worked with top athletes and well-known companies, celebrities, moms/dads, and even military special ops. As a Former Master Trainer and Presenter, I created and presented content both nationally and internationally, on the mental and physical aspects of training for peak performance in all areas of life. As a former Chief Executive with Men’s Teams and Organizations, I mentored many men to find their authentic self and create leadership qualities which they could bring to their families, communities and businesses.

I want to help you gain clarity, establish personal performance habits, create balance and unleash your true potential in all areas of your life. While the needs of every type of person may vary, the core concept is the same. The way you approach one thing in life is the way you approach everything in life.

Learn how Conscious Performance Coaching can help you perform as your very best self and be truly happy in the process.

Contact me and let’s begin the journey… 

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