Colleen Francisco. Animal Communicator / ReikiMaster

One equine There is a great shift upon us during this time on earth. A time of transitioning and transforming to our Truth. A time of awakening to a life of authenticity, purpose, inspiration, and passion. A time to step out of our limited beliefs, letting go of fear, and embracing a new way of life. My awakening began during the time period 2010-2012. My health was declining, as well as my relationships and business. I felt like I was drowning in fear, resentment, and the lack of abundance everywhere in my life. However, every morning I put on makeup, smile on my face, and survived each day wearing my mask for all those around to see and feel supported. The whisper of loneliness became louder and louder until I was screaming through my silence. Even my beloved quarter horse, Laramie was hiding from me, avoiding me, withdrawing from me, bolting on me as I sank deeper into my hole. After a period of time and realizing I could no longer continue on this way, I screamed for help. I was led to horse medicine by a dear friend of mine and my world opened up to a journey of healing, transformation, expansion, and an awakening to Truth. Laramie became my teacher, a soulmate, a spiritual partner, and my inspiration to be of service to humanity

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