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“If colors are vibrations of spiritual forces, they should be able to help in healing our deepest maladies. Together with music, which is a kindred spiritual force, they form a great hope for therapy of the future.”-Edgar Cayce.

Charles is the owner of Chromo Cymatics Wellness in Bel Air, Maryland. Charles uses a unique patented chamber called the Harmonic Egg that combines sound therapy, color therapy and sacred geometry therapy to promote mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and wellness.

Through a specific amount of repeatable sessions, this integrative energy therapy resets the autonomic nervous system enabling a person to achieve optimal spiritual, mental, and physical health.

Under the right conditions our body has an innate ability to heal itself. The body is fluid, not dense. Energy needs to flow in, through, and around us to remain healthy. Stagnant energy can lead to frequency imbalances and result in disease. Dr. Ibrahim Karim, founder of Bio Geometry states “ There is a vibrational spectrum that governs the health and consciousness of all living things.”

In addition to the Harmonic Egg, Charles uses another technology called the Bio-Well to determine the energetic state of a person. At Chromo Cymatics we use the Bio-Well to capture pre and post Harmonic Egg session visualizations of your energetic body. This includes your aura, energy meridians and chakras.

Charles is currently the sole practitioner at ChromoCymatics Wellness. He vowed that the second half of his life would be devoted to service to others. He took a leap of faith and left the lucrative IT consultant world to devote all of his time and energy to helping others heal themselves.



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