Heather Bond, LCSW-C, PSYCH-K

You are what you think! Let’s embark on a journey together where the limiting beliefs of your conscious mind are changed forever. Let me guide you on the Path of self love, empowerment, and stepping into what is yours. PSYCH-K uses your body’s wisdom to remove what holds you back in your thinking mind and opens the door to your subconscious where anything is possible! Contact me to find out more about identifying and changing your limiting beliefs in the areas of spirituality, self esteem, health and body, financial abundance, relationships, and career.

“The PSYCH-K process is simple, direct, and verifiable…These built in safeguards allow this system of personal change to be taught to anyone who is interested in taking charge of their lives by moving out of fear into love”.

-Bruce Lipton-


Phone: 443-386-0048
Phone:  443-386-0048

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