Jayshree Surage, MS Yoga Therapy, Lian Mosher MS Yoga Therapy,

Jayshree Surage, MS Yoga Therapy, E-RYT 200

A deep calling, evoked by the countless incidents of police brutality, to contribute positively to the movement working to end social injustice, inequality, and discrimination against BIPOC is what inspired Jayshree towards this current path. Jayshree is a yoga therapy student, based in Maryland, who strives to make the traditional and therapeutic practices of yoga available to under resourced and underserved communities. Her focus is on therapeutic yoga and clinical based research. She specializes in therapeutic practices of yoga, yin yoga, and meditation. She is passionate about providing safe, inclusive, and supportive spaces/practices to support all those exploring their unique paths to healing, growth, and transformation.

Lian Mosher MS Yoga Therapy, E-RYT 200, Reiki

Based in Hampton Roads region of Virginia, Lian is a lifelong yogi and lightworker currently completing her Masters Degree in Yoga Therapy at @muihealth. Her mission is to support you in your journey towards sustainability and well-being, and she approaches each situation and each student from a trauma-informed, inclusive, and accessible lens. In addition, through the subtle body modalities of reiki healing and vibrational healing, she offers a space to explore, discover, and transcend the blockages, resistances, and any dissonance accumulated from daily life, stress, and trauma. She joined in the genesis of Ground Roots Healing, having recognized that the playing field is not always even; through holistic education and practice Lian aspires to take part in transforming the way we connect and reach out to one another, cultivating empathy and resilience in order to overcome the barriers of social injustice, racism, and exclusivity. The journey and healing begins with *you*, and Lian invites you explore your inner workings so that you can be empowered to discover the strength and radiance within your Self.

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