Lara Lark, Sound Therapy, singer, song writer, composer, producer

I like to characterize my music as playful, somatic and experiential by panning sounds and vocals in a binaural vortex of psychedelic color and energy to induce joy and waves of nostalgia. Each piece holds deep meaning and was written to be therapeutic to both my listeners and myself. My influences include musicians, such as Ryan Farish, Odesza, and Illenium. I love the complex textures, and the experience that electronic music can evoke, especially when combined with real-world instruments and vocals. I am currently working on my third album, which will have a blend of original music and covers, and will be co-produced by Scott Gordon, who is an accomplished producer for TV and Film, and has worked as a mixing engineer Ringo Star, Alanis Morissette, and several other music icons. Some of my best memories involve working with Scott. He has added tremendous value to our work. I feel grateful to call him a friend and mentor. I hope my music accomplishes what I created it to do, which is to help my listeners feel strong, empowered, peaceful, and to find a stronger connection to Self. 

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