Pete and Roxy

Pete and Roxy, Med Bed

Pete and Roxy’s goal is to help you live your best life and become the best version of yourself. Our heart is open and here to help be of service while allowing the divine to move through you. We are here to enjoy the earth experience while inspiring, guiding and mentoring our brothers and sisters for ascension. Our mission is to help bridge the gap between Planet Earth, Galactic realms and Source Energy! Including connection with extraterrestrial beings and integration of galactic intelligence. We live in flow and let the universe lead the way. Everyday we connect back to source via meditation and intuition and reignite with our purpose. “To be of service and to have an everlasting positive impact on humanity!”

TO LEARN ABOUT and SCHEDULE a MED BED SESSION go to:  https://ul818.isrefer.com/go/mbs/CLD/

See Med Bed discussion on KarmaHuBB video:

I had the honor of talking with Pete and Roxy regarding my Med Bed Experience.  This Med Bed session was a truly an amazing event  that continues to be very helpful for me.   This modality can address things like childhood trauma, and emotional, medical and mental issues of all kinds. It’s definitely something to look into if you want to feel better.  So without further ado I would love to introduce to you  Pete and Roxy  here to help raise your vibration.   Oh and this is a remote session so you can access this modality from anywhere!   I Hope you Enjoy the talk.





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