LIsa Adams

Lisa Adams, Over 30 Years Practicing The Mystic Arts, Renegade Mystic,

Teaching the ways of mysticism, ancient esoteric wisdom, and magic in a grounded, gritty, practical manner. 

Lisa Adams is a spiritual teacher and life coach, she shows you how to transform your life according to your own rules.  Lisa has been helping thousands of people create better lives for almost 3 decades. Her passion is teaching others the ways of mysticism, ancient esoteric wisdom, and magic in a grounded,  Lisa’s dedication to self-growth and compassion fuel her work helping clients connect with their inner wisdom, trust their own process of transformation, and move forward, creating
the life they desire. She offers Tarot and Astrology readings, life coaching, teaches courses online and offers retreats.

A bit about me and my career:

  • Massage therapist for 27 years

  • B.A. in Religion and Women’s Studies

  • Certified Life Coach (2012)

  • Over 30 years practicing the Mystic Arts

  • 28 years working in Holistic Health

  • Reiki Master since 1996

  • Ordained Minister, Sanctuary of the Beloved, 1997

  • Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (1997)

  • High Priestess (1999)

  • I’ve led countless rituals and Sacred Ceremonies

  • Astrology – Certified Yogastrologer® (2017)

  • Tarot and oracle cards

  • Internationally-recognized speaker

  • Goddess Spirituality

  • Angels

  • Sacred Sexuality – Tantric Shamanism training (2015)

  • Earth-based Spirituality

  • Community and event organizing since 1999

I’ve devoted my entire career to helping thousands create happier, meaningful, more fulfilling lives – ON THEIR OWN TERMS.  I possess a deep desire and unique talent for helping others create transformation in their lives.


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