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William Sarill – Biochemist – Medical Intuitive – Energy Healer

I’m a heart-centered healer as well as a scientist, mystic, and medical intuitive. 
 When not in the lab developing new nutritional formulations, I’m busy helping people heal themselves in different ways. For example, I teach workshops on clearing emotional blockages by taking control of the vagus nerve. It’s a simple way to rapidly discharge persistent emotional states, including trauma, anger, depression, and grief.
After starting a session with a client, I’m guided to transmit information in cooperation with the client’s higher self. Sometimes that involves communicating with molecules, organs, nerves, vessels, or meridians. Sometimes it involves talking to the gut microbiome to harmonize microbes with each other and the body. Often it involves emotional clearing, replacing dysfunctional beliefs, or rewiring the light body with its own fiber optics.
In addition to teaching classes on science and spirituality around the country, I’ve been interviewed many times on radio, TV, and more recently YouTube (look up my name). Many of these interviews were about my spiritual friendship with the late science fiction author Philip K. Dick.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting Friday, Dec. 3 and continuing twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays through Jan. 28, I am offering FREE group healing sessions remotely. For more information about these group sessions, my individual healing work, or my nutritional consulting, private message me at my new Facebook page, New Genesis Institute.

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