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5-Day Happiness Program

If you are ready to make a commitment to contentment, but you are unsure where to start, this five day course will introduce you to ideas on happiness that have been collected by my good friend and mentor Rev. Elizabeth Ferrall. She has added practices- exercises- to these ideas to make them real and concrete in your life that can help you stretch your capacity for smiles.

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A little About Rev. Elizabeth Ferrall the creator of The 5-Day Happiness Program. 

I am a wife, and mother of three girls who are all on their way to being grown. I am a Reflexologist, certified with the International Institute of Reflexology. I am a Certified Master Healer- and serve at the Healing Temple at Lily Dale, N.Y.  and also a Life Force Energy Healer with the Deborah King Center. I have been clearing and blessing houses for 16 years.  I am a practitioner of and a mentor for Elemental Space Clearing. We are blessed to live in central Virginia, where I got very good at ghost work. I have studied Feng Shui, Tarot and Runes. I learned to meditate in Sri Lanka in 1981 and how to make flower essences at Perelandra.  In all the years that I have been practicing energy work on people and houses, I have found that the problems that people have with the body they live in and the problems that people have with the house they live in are often the same problems.  If you address the issues in one place it helps the other.  There are many ways to access magic in life. Clear a space. 

Click on this link to Step into the Happiness Program

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