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Crystal Bowl Sounds Bath & Words To Embrace By Phil Fewster

I find that between the sound healing and the reflective inspiring messages spoken by Phil from RealEyes Meditation & Wellness Center,  I leave there with a warm and open heart that prepares me for the week ahead.  I hope that these recorded events allow you to embrace a small part of that experience. 

-Loren Duffey- (Karma HuBB)


Here are some recorded examples of Sunday events:




RealEyes Meditation & Wellness Center holds a crystal bowl sounds bath event on on most Sundays at their wooded retreat center.    It is the perfect way to reset yourself and open up to your truer nature.

They typically hold between 2-4 events each week. They also offer one on one/in person and remote work for those of you who are more serious about discovering your path or taking the next step.

They hold sacred space both indoors and outdoors. Inside with have a large great room with fireplace and a large plant/crystal room. Outside They have a few streams/springs, labyrinth, sweat lodge, tipi, gardens, fire circle and much more.

RealEyes Meditation is centrally located so people can conveniently reach us from DC or Baltimore, yet we are also quietly tucked away into the forest.


Each sound healing event includes both the crystal bowls and  a enlightening commentary by Phil Fewster.  He has a gift of sharing in a way that helps you open up in an healing manor.

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