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Paid Services/workshops


Angel Kangalee: Healing Holy Hands

Spiritual Life Coaching Packages-Virtual Via Zoom Meeting
Initial Soul Life Purpose Spiritual Coaching Package
4-months Package: 8 sessions
plus 1 FREE Initial Consultation Session
Sessions will be held twice a month on a bi-weekly basis
*This Package is Required for All First Time Clients*
Total cost – $520 (4 payment installments available)

Ongoing Support Sessions Package
Reinforcement, Support, and Encouragement Package
1-month Package includes 2 sessions
Sessions will be held twice a month on a bi-weekly basis.
Total cost – $130

Maintenance Session Package
1 Session: Maintenance Session –
Tracking and measuring client’s success.
Includes healing session to further enhance the
client’s healing and releasing all blockages.
Total cost – $8


Zen Warrior Path – Intro to Combat Meditation

The Warrior’s introduction to mindfulness:
Improves Endurance, Develops
the Combat Mindset and Reduces Anxiety.
This is a 15 part instructional video and can change your
performance in any demanding athletic competition.

Only $50

Free & Donation Based Services & workshops


Mike Averill: Self-Compassion Breathwork

To understand, you have to experience it for yourself. And you can. 

Every Sunday at 1pm (Pacific), Mike holds a free virtual Self-Compassion Breathwork session. Just join if you are interested! No need to register beforehand.

ZOOM ID: 991 6609 7854*id changes weekly

The session is one hour. You will need a comfortable place to lay down and headphones.


FREE ONLINE 7-DAY SUMMIT: A Journey Through The Chakras

Learn how to be in your flow through all areas of life as each speaker takes you from closed to connected

The Details:
Join the waitlist and you’ll be notified when we go live again!

Hosted by:
Laurin Seiden

With Guest Speakers







Jennifer Palmer, Working with Your Chakras.

Enjoy this class with Jennifer of Nourishing Journey on the basics of working with your chakras. Learn what they are and why you want to cleanse and activate them.

This is a Free 47 minute audio and PowerPoint presentation.


Amazing: Chord Cutting Exercise.

“I take back my power and I give you back your power”.

Originally presented by Sandra Rolus. This chord cutting exercise has been reinterpreted, is spoken by Elizabeth Ferrall and is a favorite of mine.


GroundRoots Healing

We are holistic leaders of color that seek to uplift and support other people of color and BIPOC allies to create a world of renewed possibilities for peace and healing. All are welcome!

Therapeutic restorative yoga

Shamanic sound journey,
All level Vinyasa
Early rise chair yoga
Restorative yoga
Yin yoga and general mobility
Yoga for anxiety and depression
Vinyasa 1+2 foundations
Trauma informed chair yoga


All Love Evenings with Sherry Tuegel

All Love, also known as Skhm, Sekhem, Seichim or Seikem is an energy from the Great Pyramid of Giza bought out into the world by Patrick Zeigler. This deeply transformative energy vibrates through all levels of your being; mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional. During the workshop your facilitator, Sherry, will hold a sacred safe space for your spiritual truth to move into your awareness using guided visualization, meditation, sound, and movement.

Please join us for an evening of heart centered healing and connection with your Truth. This event offers you the possibility of letting go of the things that no longer serve your joy and awakening to your deepest Truth.

Contact - Loren Duffey