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Mark Anielski “…This will change the entire basis of diagnostics in medicine.”

  • Jul 30, 2021

Is it possible to measure the consciousness of your spirit? Of a plant? What about more complex systems, like an organization? You might be surprised to learn that the answer is yes. Mark Anielski, Author of The Economics of Happiness, tells us how the energetic frequency of the consciousness of an entity can actually be measured. And anyone can do it, too. Let’s take a look into the world of energy, consciousness, and frequency to see how this is possible.

As a ‘happiness economist’ Mark’s consulting work over the last 25 years has provided nations and communities like China, Singapore, French Polynesia and several First Nations with strategic economic counsel on how to develop a new economic model and governance system that focuses on well-being. This includes the development of natural capital accounting system to account for the ecological conditions of forests and wetlands, including carbon accounting. Mark, who is also an expert in Ecological Footprint analysis, believes that the solution to our climate challenges lies in building economies that mimic natural systems like forests. His study of debt money systems and banking suggests that the key to solving climate change driven by an addiction to economic growth is to design a new money system that mimics natural system. Mark lives in Edmonton with his wife Jennifer and their two girls and holds two bachelor degrees in economics and forestry and a Master’s degree in forest economics. was created as a hub of information for learning about a wide variety of heart centered modalities and topics, including (but not limited to): Shamanism, metaphysics, energy healing, Reiki, other alternative methods of healing, and many other topics you find in the holistic community. You will find videos from like-minded people, practitioners, other professionals sharing their own personal spiritual journey experiences.


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