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From Doctors To Mediums, From Shamans To Clinical Therapist.  These Wellness Practitioners  Are Educating Us On Vibrational Healing, Modalities & Methods, Helping Us To Be Better Informed Of Our Full Wellness Potential.

Dr. Connie Osterholt, Psychoneurologist and Intuitive Coach

  • Jul 30, 2021

Dr Connie has worked with people Like Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra. She has a doctorate Psychoneurology and is a master of numerous healing therapies. Stay tuned to hear Dr. Connie talk about some of these transformative methods. Leveraging over 25 years working directly with women business Leaders in 17 countries, Connie Osterholt has synthesized her experience as a senior executive, a strategy coach and mentor to high-net worth business women in 10+ industries, public/private board members and successful entrepreneurs. She has been consistently focused on the power of feminine and masculine energy in negotiations, networks and the nuanced areas of business leadership. Knowing how and where to find what’s really going on. And help them going to the core of what’s holding them back. And in easy ways turn it around.


Outline- * Intro. *

*Educated in many practices.

*She discusses her meeting and then working with Deepak Chopra then Tony Robbins.

*Tapping into intuition. Remote viewing I Akashic records. While tapping into her clients Dr Connie is able to get to the core of her clients challenges

*By being present with the person. You are allowing yourself To feel what they are fear feeling. To see what they are seeing.

*To get an a place of presence… Allowing yourself to receive information.

*Getting answers from Akashic records. Your records of your history that have been recorded. *Remote viewing.

*Getting out of your comfort zone and embracing personal growth.

*Loren’s awakening experience at a Tony Robbins event.

*Believe it or not these methods work.

*Step out of your comfort zone and go explore.

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