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FASTING, SAUNA, CRYOTHEROPY…Using Hormetic Stressors To Achieve Balance In The Body – Tyler Fifield

  • Jan 11, 2022

In this video we will discuss:

Functional and Integrative medicine practices.

Herbal, food, intake practices and getting the whole variety of nutrient intake

Different methods of a cleanse and fasting.

Lifestyle Looking through a Paleolithic lens.

Working with the sympathetic and parasympathetic balance.

Wim Hoff and the cold plunge.

Work on hermetic stressors… work on trying to get the full breath of human experience.

It’s a cool topic and cheap and available for everybody if they’re willing to be that uncomfortable.

Reiki and the introduction to western Medicine.


Tyler Fifield is a Maryland Certified Nutrition Specialist candidate with a MS in Functional Medicine and Human Nutrition. He is also the founder of Second Life Strategies, a Functional Medicine modeled practice that prioritizes root-cause treatment rather than palliative symptom management. By combining sustainable lifestyle modifications, promoting constructive stress, and alleviating unproductive stress, Tyler’s approach to medical care is well-suited to meet patients where they currently are on their health journey, rather than simply executing a one-size-fits-all program. His background studying evidence-based medicine and inherent interest in alternative medicine practices places him uniquely between worlds, allowing patients to explore all of their health options freely, safely, and responsibly.

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