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Humanity Is Facing A Paradigm Shift And Meditation Could Be The Answer. Tom Cronin

  • Mar 28, 2022

Tom is the author of 6 books and the producer / co-writer of “The Portal” film and book. Through the practice of Meditation Tom has found an enlightened purpose in life. He is now an advocate of personal healing, transformation. This interview focuses on a concept, a phase shift, a paradigm shift that we are all in the middle of… and how we can best navigate it. This is an important topic and discussion that I hope gets shared with others.


In this interview we will discuss:

Tom’s background.

Stress, Insomnia, depression, addictions….

The wild west of financial markets.

The discovery of meditation.

How he began teaching meditation around the world.

The author of a number of books including the portal which developed into a film.

This global Paradigm shift.

Very rapid communication leading into very rapid transformation.

A huge development in personal growth.

The ability to change based on the whole versus personal needs.

Reaching the tipping point.

With meditation you can increase the awareness of this interconnected field with plants, animals and humans.

Making change from the ground up.

It can only come from individuals shifting their consciousness.

Rather than from the political leaders down Political leaders need to start to represents a new status quo.

Crisis is an evolutionary force.

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