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Lark. Sonically Charged Music can be Powerful Sound Therapy. Connecting with Chakras & Moving Energetics

  • Jul 30, 2021

Sonically charged music can be powerful sound therapy.

What if that music could help you with balancing your Chakras? Or what if that music could help you with your yoga practice? I meet an artist in who has done just that! Lark is a singer, songwriter, composer, and producer who created a custom play list for her yoga practice. Her music is written in such a way that it stimulates the chakras and is perfect for yoga. Lark’s music uses the solfeggio frequencies, which help one to feel like the music is prompting you into the different poses. You don’t have to be a practiced Yogi to start moving through your yoga flow with this music. The music is made in such a way that even the novice can just listen, let go and flow.


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