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From Doctors To Mediums, From Shamans To Clinical Therapist.  These Wellness Practitioners  Are Educating Us On Vibrational Healing, Modalities & Methods, Helping Us To Be Better Informed Of Our Full Wellness Potential.

Laurin Seiden, Removing Triggers with Energy Work

  • Jul 30, 2021

Healing with Energy Work…What if you could Remove Triggers & in-turn Be More Happy?

In this interview Laurin Seiden she gives us tools that can help you have a better understanding of yourself In order to balance your emotions and intuition. By being in touch with you body and with the help of yoga or body scanning you can find out what your triggers are… what you’re reactive to, and strive to release those blocks or feelings to get to the source of the issues and release them.
“When we are grounded, present and we’re open hearted we are not emotional, we are clear minded, flexible and adaptable.” “Every time I am in that emotional state of being… chaotic state of being I know there is something off. “ -Laurin Seiden-

With these practices you have a better understanding of why you do and feel the way you do and maybe get into the practice of doing it on a daily basis. Also, recorded is a meditation that will help you scan your body and evaluate yourself.

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