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Rising From The Ashes… Marla Torres Critical Care Nurse & An Intuitive Care Provider.

  • Aug 01, 2022

Marla has experienced living in survival mode, and like the Phoenix, she has risen up from the ashes to stand strong in her Divine Power. She is passionate about inspiring women who are living in survival mode to reclaim their Divine Power and thrive! She believes that it is important to cultivate a safe and loving community where each woman can be seen and supported as they too rise up from the ashes. I utilize ancient healing techniques to support each woman in their journey to reclaim their power.
in this interview we will discuss:

Marla’s background

Putting one foot in front of the next in challenging times.

Staying in gratitude & being present.

Each and every challenge is a beautiful gift of growth.

Her reasons for going on a holistic path after her western medicine education.

Healing at a emotional level.

What healing method resonates with you?

Holistic success stories

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