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Self Healing by It’s Natural Design with this Chiropractic Chiropractor… Dr. Christo Balis.

  • Oct 29, 2022

In this video we will discuss:

01:00 – Chiropractic history

06:24. – His healing workshop and the methods used

11:50 – Magnets in lieu of acupuncture

17:40 – My feedback from the healing workshop

21:10 – Telepathically connected? Entrainment?

32:38 – Merger of nontraditional and western medicine?


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“I am a Chiropractic Chiropractor. I see the Body as each Person’s Most Precious Temple, Sourcing Life Itself. I Understand this Body to be Self Healing by It’s Natural Design. In Distress and Disease, this Automatic Self Healing Mechanism can be Overwhelmed and Broken Down. Acquired Breakdowns of Self Healing in the Body are primarily Reflected in Dysfunctions of the Spine, Cranium, Dura Mater / Fascia and Neuromusculoskeleton. I analyze how to unlock these body dysfunctions and restore it’s self healing with chiropractic adjustments. Patients report that these adjustments bring lightness of being, lifting of mood, cessation of pain, relief of malaise or agitation, and states of bliss. Research done at the highest levels validates these patient reports, and further states that repeated chiropractic adjustments of this kind increase patients’ self reported quality of life to a greater degree than any other method yet studied. I specialize in low force, non manipulative bodywork, like NETWORK CHIROPRACTIC, CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY and ACTIVATOR METHODS, and precise supportive measures to assist and sustain these chiropractic adjustments with muscle testing KINESIOLOGY, Needle and Magnet Acupuncture, Flower Essences/Clinical Homeopathy, and Diet/Nutritional Modification via Biological Terrain Management. I absolutely love my work, and I keep my fees low to stay available to as many people as possible. It is an honor to serve people’s most precious Life.

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