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Dive into Your Pain to Find Your Truth. Dr Jay Uecker.

  • Jul 07, 2022

Tune into another enlightening episode of the Global Healing Hub in which I talk with Dr. Jay Uecker, chiropractor, author and creator of BioSoul Integration.  We had a great time exploring everything from the messages and magic in pain, our own powerful and transformative experiences, to what we can look forward to in the future of healing.  Don’t miss this chance to meet Dr. Jay; I am so impressed with him and his work.

Dr. Jay is the founder and owner of BioSoul Integration Center in Louisville, Colorado. He’s a hands-on healer, an intuitive online coach and the author of If It Didn’t Hurt: How To Resolve Your Pain And Discover Your Life Purpose. For two decades Dr. Jay has been helping people navigate the ups and downs of their healing journeys. Over the course of that time he’s worked intimately with nearly three thousand people. Those who seem to be most drawn to Dr. Jay and BioSoul Integration tend to be those who have felt the strong calling to do the work of consciously leaning into their growth and evolution as human beings, to do the work of integrating their Soul’s gifts into their physical bodies.

“We are here on this planet to come into relationship with our soul’s gifts and our soul’s essences” — Dr. Jay Uecker


In this interview we discuss:

The awakening experience that changed Dr. Jay’s world.

Low back pain, asking for help, and the discovery of the technique of Network Chiropractic / Network Spinal that caused an awakening. Dr. Jay realized he was the cause of his own difficulties in life, along with gratitude and awe.

Donald Epstein, the creator of Network Spinal, and Dr. Jay’s 20-year practice in the field.

Mindfulness Meditation and the power of taking responsibility for your own experience of life.

Follow the river of chi to know where to direct energy for clients.

Institute of Heartmath and working with entrainment during sessions.

Studies that support entrainment.

Talking about his book. “If it didn’t hurt. how to reclaim your pain and discover your life purpose”

Learn to face your pain. Dive into it to find your truth.

In order to get to the Bliss and expansion you need to go through the contraction.

Face and pain up close and diving into it. That is the answer.

Dr. Jay’s daughter’s illness and the real test when his daughter got sick.

Powerful stories of change

The power of gratitude.

The Secret Life of Plants

The unique work of Dr. Jay

Dr. Jay’s book

What is the pain telling us?

A vision for healing in the future

Tony Robbins


Resources mentioned:

Dr. Jay’s Website: https://www.biosoulintegration.com

Books:  Secret Life of Plants

If It Didn’t Hurt by Dr. Jay

The Biology of Belief

Tony Robbins

Quotes and Notes from this episode:

Loren Duffey Quotes: 

“This book and its concepts are worth of a deep dive”

“This a very unique perspective of something we all face”

“Just getting to the point of awareness is the first step”

“Without awareness you are kind of oblivious of what direction you can go toward”

“I see more of a meeting, more of a common ground” (between traditional and alternative)

“My message is for people to go out and try something different, there is nothing to lose really”

“This is my path and I have kind of fallen into it”

Guest Quotes:

“The energy, the information that we need to move to the next stage of our evolution is found in the pain, in the problem”

“I was being called to the next level of my own evolution”

“It was this thing that had been calling me”

“The heart has its own brain”

“We are here on this planet to come into relationship with our soul’s gifts and our soul’s essences”

“The planet and everyone on it need us to give our gifts”

“There are themes that show up along the healing journey”

“Life makes us stop and pay attention and take a closer look”

“Life is nudging us towards our revolution”

“Whatever you are feeling; the challenge, the pain, that is the window, that is the solution to trust that life is holding you”

“Life is transforming you through that stuff”

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