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Using Energy Medicine To Raise The Vibration Of Self & The Collective, with Sandra McEllis.

  • Apr 19, 2022

Sandra McEllis is skilled in so many different healing methods and is comfortable speaking about a wide range of topics.  Today we hit on many things including ways of changing your story or triggers when put in a hypnotic, theta or relaxed state.  And we talk on raising the vibration of the individual or the self which raises the vibration of everyone… the collective consciousness and Energy Medicine.

In this video we will discuss:

Sandra’s Background She really just wanted to learn about more about who she was and the building blocks around it.

The definition of sight.

Seeing beyond the prism of our physical eyes.

The power of intention and manifestation.

Deprograming of the collective grid or network.

Stigma or fear surrounding different healing methods.

Reprogramming during theta state.

Loren’s experience of Hypnosis.

The light language experience.

We’re getting back to ancient teachings with a new technological twist.

Everything is vibration light and energy.

When you get out of love you get into density and heaviness.

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