A Fine Time for earthly existence, learning, loving, healing

Mother Earth

A Fine Time for earthly existence, learning, loving, healing

  • Sep 15, 2021
  • Abundance and Gratitude

There is a time and a purpose for all things.  Things we wish to do and things we may be avoiding though needs to be done.  Births and Deaths and Aging and Rejuvenating.  There is time.  We live and breathe in a timing structure which may or may not jive with our vibes.  That is fine for that is how things are measured here on Earth, Side.  We can reject it or neglect it or accept it, though it is tick tick ticking regardless.  Earth Time.  A Fine Time for earthly existence, learning, loving, healing.  We have time for all of it here on Planet Earth when we are conscious for it, even when we are hovering above it all.  Be easy with self when timing seems off or when dream time overtakes the living times or when rest time is required or when timelines divide or converge.  Know that the Here Now of conscious living can keep us focused on divine times and give glimpses into other times as well (future/past, dream, etc.).  Be easy and live easy for time has purpose and our seconds create meaning.  Breathe into the all that is and know that what we are living through is not the full gamut of star stuff.  We are here now and we can gain much while experiencing.  Breathe deeply and ground down for that helps us stay in sacred work on this planet.  We may remember other ways of living and we may yearn for other ways, as well.  Though it is our time here now which cuts through any illusion and enlightens any fabrications of the veil.  BE EASY AND BREATHE.  Know that all is being done within and through the highest good OF ALL.  Ask for thus and know.  And live by it and through it.  For The Highest and The Best Good Of All we live and breathe.  LOVE AND LIGHT AND HAVE A BLESSED DAY.  LOVE AND LIGHT ~

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