As we breathe we can love

Magical Breath

As we breathe we can love

  • Sep 27, 2021
  • Encouragement

 Deep Breaths IN and hold. Deep Breaths OUT and release. Grounding Down. Grounding into MOTHER EARTH, our spirit, guide. Our home. Do try to connect with Earth Mother, Spirit today. Just as we are connecting to the Central Sun/Son, our star. It is good to be the conductor between the two. Channeling energy down through us and into the earth. Channeling energy up through us to the sky. We are the “in between,” and can benefit greatly while BE-ing here during this sometimes challenging changing dynamic times (of greatness). Things may appear less than great though there is much we can gain while BE-ing here. Many do not know this or even feel it to be such, though it can be, as we ARE HERE, we might as well make something of it. We are one, independent, yet of the many. We are many, gathered, yet of the sole soul source, HU MAN. We can in joy this or not enjoy it. That is up to the individual soul. Yet here we are. We may be confused. We may not be feeling super healthy. We may lack courage. We may fall into the shambles. We may get up again. We may gain courage. We may feel super healthy again. We may gain clarity. Do not limit self by limiting our time here. Instead be the conductors of life and the living. This earthly experience is not always smooth sailing. Though it has jumping dolphins, whining puppies, cooing babies, and spectacular sunsets. Then the sun rises again and we know. Keep breathing as we know the sun also rises. Keep breathing as we know the tides do change. Keep breathing as we know our core belief and perspectives make life magical. As we breathe we can love. As we breathe we can find compassion. As we breathe we gain strength. Endurance. Life lived and learned. It is karma, don’t-cha know.


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