BE and WORK and PLAY and LIVE in Love in Light.


BE and WORK and PLAY and LIVE in Love in Light.

  • Oct 14, 2021
  • Abundance and Gratitude, Encouragement, Self Discovery, Mental Health
Take it easy in and through life altering changes. Breathe Deeply and Ground Down and Know. That creates a resolve which is very powerful here on Planet Earth Side. Similar to IDEALS which Edgar Cayce often spoke is the idea of resolve. BE EASY and still stay strong. BE FLEXIBLE and still stay strong. BE LIGHT and BE strong. The ideas of wrongdoing and right doing and linear thinking are outside of this strength and this idea of resolve. IDEALS can be guideposts within and through all our dealings and workings on this planet. We can use those to BE even more conscious driven, seeing, knowing, loving. IDEALS are typically of the HIGHER NATURE: loving compassion, justice, freedom, grace, and ease. USE IDEALS to set up any given day. BE and WORK and PLAY and LIVE, in love, in light, in compassion, in grace. Abiding Compassion and Grace may seem less than ideal situations to evoke in our dealings with others, in comparison to the sounds of words such as LOVE and LIGHT. Though do know that Compassion and Grace can direct many not so wonderful occurrences into themes of unconditional love and forgiveness. The Earth Planet needs these things right now. We need and are amp-ing up our vibrational frequencies when it comes to LOVEnLIGHT. Let us amp up our IDEALS of Compassion and Grace, as well. Being GRATEFUL and GRACE-FILLED, we stand in our day of Higher Living on Earth Planet Side, Gaia. How happy we BE when evoking such powerful frequencies of THE LIGHT. May your day be sparkling on this planet. LoveNLight ~

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