Breathe IN Breathe OUT Breathe IN

Breathe IN Breathe OUT Breathe IN

  • Jan 14, 2022
  • Abundance and Gratitude

Breathe IN Breathe OUT Breathe IN Breathe OUT Breathe IN . . . We Have all we need here. We are often looking for more and more things to improve our lives, and yet much of that is an appeasement for our feelings of lack. And since we have all we need, we never have to look outside our SELVES for more. We have our breath: BLESSED! We have our grateful souls, so happy to be here: BLESSED! We have our strong and luminous bodies, our sharp minds, with eyes and ears to perceive: BLESSED BLESSED BLESSED! Many are still looking for that defining moment ~ that which appeases our idea of success in this lifetime. What if our main goal was something so small and trivial, yet important, that we have already completed it and we didn’t even notice? Handing an apple to the homeless, saying encouraging words to a friend, procreating a new human soul, here on Planet Earth, or maybe even doing something or UNDERSTANDING something from a past life or an alternate reality? What if life and our mission here is so simple that we already completed thusly and from here we can just play and live and breathe and appreciate The All That IS? What if appreciating The All That Is, IS the life lesson? This is a simple reminder that we often put a lot of stressful energy on our SELVES and especially our process. Let us ease up a good bit and notice how things flow even better than when we had our nose to the grindstone. Let us ASK and RECEIVE a Life of Freedom, Grace and Ease. Much of what we do in the way of grinding away is also an appeasement ~ something we have been taught culturally, something that makes us feel better when we “get er done.” For today, try releasing expectations of what needs to be completed and instead look around and enjoy some breath and life today. You may see accomplishments THROUGH the ease. Beauty through breath. Love through gratitude. Life for the living (and the conscious perceiving). Love and Light, and remember we are blessed, acknowledge it, for we truly are. And it makes life gift us with even more in the flow. LOVE n LIGHT and take good care. 

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