Make a better planet for SELF

Patricia Hawse

Make a better planet for SELF

  • Dec 13, 2021
  • Abundance and Gratitude, Encouragement, Self Discovery

Do take time today to see the wonders of the world around us. WE have been blessed to be on this turning globe in this lifetime and during these ever-changing times (which time is always tick tick ticking into the future, so there is not much difference there). At the same time, we CAN be appreciative of all life has given us. Not just heartbreak or heartache. And not just a bit of confusion, struggle or strife. Life, and THIS LIFE, IN THIS HERE AND NOW, is giving us great opportunity for emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. Some have been on the path of “Knowing Thy Self,” and then take a turn-off, exit stage right, for they may feel it is too difficult and just not worth the transparency and pain. Yet why are we here if not to make a better planet for SELF and for our FUTURE SELVES? Not to mention our lineage. Those of the strong empathic heart and those of the intuitive mind-set, can you not see how important that DNA or genetic lineage, new ideas and ways of being, would be for our future? We are often repeating and correcting. That is karma at its finest. We have been here before, you and I. Atlantean Times, Lemurian Times, Prophetic Historical Times on This Earth (and Others) have gotten us this far as Soul Light “Survivors,” if you will. Is it difficult to navigate within this lifetime and timeframe as empaths and starseeds, as way showers and peace makers (demanders)? We want to save this planet because we love the earth, we feel the planet’s own heartbeat. We want to save this planet not just for the rocky globe but for the animals and wildlife, the flower and fauna and insects and turtles. Having the ideas of Higher Living and that of Peacemaking Light Workers can only help get us to that goal. You think another could look at this world as sacred as YOU? You are needed. Please keep here and advancing us to sights yet unseen. That of our dreams. LOVE N LIGHT AND ALL THAT JAZZ loveandlight


Patricia Hawse. KarmaFest Founder – Healing Modalities (karmahubb.com)



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