Mental Health Awareness – Importance

mental health awareness and various treatments

Mental Health Awareness – Importance

  • Sep 21, 2021
  • Mental Health

Mental illnesses can affect anyone, from adults, teenagers to children. In fact, 19% of the adult population, 43% of teenagers, and 13% of children are affected each year. It can affect anyone in your family, neighbor, a colleague at work, or school friend. However, only half of those affected seek treatment, while the rest pull back due to the stigma associated with mental illness.

There are various types of mental health treatment options including, complementary therapies such as yoga or meditation, psychotherapy, support group, hospitalization, case management and use of contemporary and alternative medication. Mental health awareness can also be a treatment option for mental health as well as act as a preventative measure.

Creating mental health awareness is crucial since it helps identify these individuals to put them up for an early treatment plan. Even though it’s a difficult task, early intervention can help these individuals receive appropriate care and recover faster. In addition, creating mental health awareness can positively impact the community and the overall health of an individual.

Importance of creating mental health awareness

Helps in eliminates stigma

The negative attitude and discrimination towards someone based on a distinguishing characteristic like mental illness is referred to as stigma. These negative opinions and thoughts of the community shame the mentally ill and set them apart from the rest. This may lead to a state of denial or hate on the individual. By being aware of the limitations and strengths of these individuals, it can help eliminate stigma.

Help in reducing misconceptions

There are various misconceptions associated with the mentally ill; most people think these people are lazy, either crazy, possessed by demons, violent, and out of control. Due to lack of awareness, such negative labels can negatively affect these people and their loved ones or those around them. Through promoting awareness of these issues, it can help reduce such misconceptions.

Contributes to new improvements 

More demand from the public means more flow of attention. When the public is made aware of mental health, more attention is given to affected individuals, leading to improvements in research, policy, and service development. Hence these individuals with mental health problems can receive appropriate care and support. With more demand from increased awareness, it results in more funding for the awareness program.

Understand your symptoms

Some of the mental health struggles can be a result of untreated disorders. Creating awareness helps individuals identify symptoms of medical health conditions. There are certain signs to look out for, including loss of appetite, changes in sleep patterns, impulsive decision making, turning to drugs in moments of distress, and suicidal thoughts. These symptoms can impact the physical and mental well-being of the individual.

Creating awareness is a form of education for the community at large. It is the key to understanding what mental health is, how it affects individuals and their loved ones and how they can receive help. This knowledge can positively impact the community. In addition, through awareness, mental health can be seen as an illness that can be managed by treatment. Mental illness should also be included in the physical health conditions and regarded as a severe condition requiring immediate treatment and proper care. Even better, mental health illness should be looked at as a community problem rather than an individual problem.

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