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From Doctors To Mediums, From Shamans To Clinical Therapist.  These Wellness Practitioners  Are Educating Us On Vibrational Healing, Modalities & Methods, Helping Us To Be Better Informed Of Our Full Wellness Potential.

Relieving Stress with Vibrational Therapy. Deep dive with Audra Woodley of Authentically Holistic

  • May 07, 2024

Audra Kai Woodley is a Board-Certified Quantum Health Coach, Speaker, & Educator.

She combines quantum biofeedback technology devices and frequency therapy to detect underlying imbalances in the body that may lead to and/or be the result of a prognostic disease.

As we age, the effects of adverse nutritional habits, behaviors, and epigenetic toxicities take a toll on our health resulting in physiological imbalances such as thinning of the hair, joint pain, brain fog, anxiety, stress, depression, and gut concerns.  Using a 3-prong strategy, Audra focuses on 1) Trauma Resolution, 2} Holistic Nutrition, and 3) Energetic Sustainment to guide the client towards elevated health and wellness, ultimately, 

A Holistic Lifestyle Transformation! 


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