SELF discovery, SELF love, SELF acceptance

SELF acceptance

SELF discovery, SELF love, SELF acceptance

  • Jun 12, 2021
  • Self Discovery

In this article we will discuss SELF discovery, SELF love, SELF acceptance. We all have great gifts to bring into this world and today is a beautiful day to share them.  We may not think our gifts are special or perfect though they ARE!  A simple kindness, gesture.  A lending hand.  Sweet words and/or even strong words which can be utilized for change.  Be easy, though.  Be easy with self and others.  We all have our own process/es within and through change and right now there is much change energy surrounding us.  We do not have to figure it all out in a day.  We do not need to turn everything around in one day, either.

We can BE and simply try our best, doing that which is part and parcel of The Great I AM; our purpose/the work.  Life can seem difficult for many who are struggling or who have found themselves in situations which seem beyond their control.  We can control our SELVES, though.  We can find our SELVES, regardless of any current situations, possibly because of these situations.

Breathe and be easy.  All shall come to pass.  Go within.  Talk to SELF.  Ask what you need.  Provide those things.  Not as a way of escapism, but that of integration of one’s own Trinity:  Body, Mind and Spirit.  This work may not present itself as obvious, though that is what we are working toward:  SELF discovery, SELF love, SELF acceptance.  Doing so for SELF allows one to see others in the same light, and that is what we need today:  UNITY, COMPASSION, LOVE AND FORGIVENESS.  Simply work on self and you shall discover all you need to know and BE!  Love and Light and have a blessed day.  LOVE AND LIGHT!

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