Smudging Before Moving Into A New Home

Smudging Before Moving Into A New Home

  • Apr 04, 2024
  • Abundance and Gratitude

Did you know that smudging is a sacred practice used to clear and purify a space before moving into a new home? Some real estate brokers and agents even personally burn herbs like sage, sweetgrass, or palo santo to cleanse the energy of properties to assist with listing sales.
Multiple studies have shown that burning herbs like sage can purify the air by reducing harmful bacteria and fungi which help improve air quality, reflecting physical benefits and creating a healthier and more pleasant living environment. The act of smudging is believed to assist with not only the physical, but also emotional well-being. Additionally, the smoke is thought to purify the energy within a space, transforming any negativity into positive and vibrant energy, by clearing stagnant or negative energy. This tradition offers a sense of peace and tranquility helping to create an uplifting atmosphere that promotes overall well-being and balance for those who live there.

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