Stand In Your Power!

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Stand In Your Power!

  • Jun 12, 2021
  • Encouragement

BEING BEST is really just SHOWING UP and allowing the beauty of the day, regardless of the day.  Finding Gratitude in the small simple living things is helpful in keeping a positive mindset.  We do not need to go full force each day to BE BEST.  We simply need to show up in a living sense and that of consciousness and awareness.  There is greatness here on Planet Earth.  Some seize it and some cannot see it.  That is fine for more and more folks are opening their eyes.

What can we do here today and how can we BE BEST?  We can remember our IDEALS and work and live within and through them.  As has been said before, Edgar Cayce often spoke of aligning with Highest Ideals FOR YOU.  T

These are yours and these are in a Higher Sense of what we may typically do. Higher Ideals may be Justice and Freedom and Living Your Best Life.  The Highest of Ideals is Unconditional Love which may sound cheesy and easy, though it is often not.  That is what makes it an Excellent Ideal to work with each day.  The challenge and the righteousness of it all.   Righteousness often has a negative connotation for we have seen it used to judge others and actually hold feelings of superiority.  Yet the definition of righteousness is morality, justice, virtue, and honesty; those of more positive aspects of BEING and that is where we wish to go ~ in the direction of The Positive of Life.

Many look on life as something they have been cheated by or something others are trying to cheat them FROM.  Life is Life and we live it as we can do with all that we ARE:  with loving intentions, with freedom, grace and ease.  No one can take these things from another.  They may appear as though they are trying, yet focusing on SELF MASTERY, despite “the times,” is where to BE (BEST).  Worrying about the nefarious does not align one’s SELF with POWERFUL POSTIVE LIVING.  It instead focuses on that which we do not want and takes away from our affirming intentions and focus on that which we do.  This is simple Law of Attraction which totally holds true today.  Where shall we focus today?  Let us stay in the positive, in the gratitude, and the highest of ideals, allowing Freedom, Grace and Ease to seize our day.

Stand In Your Power!  BE WHAT YOU WISH TO SEE.  Love and Light and Have a Blessed Day.  LOVE AND LIGHT!

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