Stay The Course

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Stay The Course

  • Nov 16, 2021
  • Encouragement, Self Discovery, Abundance and Gratitude

Slowly and with consciousness we greet our day/s. There is nothing we need to do except to show up, in the highest of awareness/es. The Higher Levels of Hopefulness and Helpfulness and LOVE for SELF and ALL the others. This idea relates more to the spiritual ways of showing up and BEING versus doing. Of course, there are more practical aspects in the physical which do have timelines; physical needs to be met, jobs to work, and people to interact with. Those aspects of showing up may be viewed differently than our spiritual pursuits of how to BE. The spiritual relates more to our perspectives and mindset, along with our vibrational energy, and our ideals. And that what we work with and through as a spiritual construct may not always show up, similarly, in the physical, for we are human after all. Though the underlying spiritual constructs is what encourages the physical changes: the thoughts, words, and deeds. Sometimes the highest intentions manifest great works, while other times fall short, in reality. Thus is life and thusly okay for we are all a work in progress. Continuing to work with and through our spiritual and soul constructs while staying aware of our actual physical results, is key. A building up of understanding. A flowing grace of love. Others are manifesting too. And there is room for all of it. WE are here on earth to do these things. To learn. To love. To BE. Be Easy and Stay The Course. LOVEnLIGHT.




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