Take time to get right within

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Take time to get right within

  • Sep 19, 2021
  • Self Discovery

Take time to get right within. We may be feeling depleted, angry, or saddened by outside influences. There are many and such a variety ~ those close to home; those further afield. Look truthfully at said feelings and find solace and resolution, when able. When not able do release the hold/s attached and pray for loving and highest and best for these situations. At the same time do inhale the beauty of this world. There is much here to be grateful for. We may not see it straight away so do go into meditation to find balance and peace there. And look again. Again, there is much to be grateful for ~ simply to be living and breathing. Start with the simple and then find the beauty in the synchronistic and the complexities of life and living. The weaving, the creation, the destruction, and the recreation. Re NEW All. The time to sow the time to reap the time to laugh the time to cry. The times of our lives. Do be easy with self during the process for many never look within for they cannot stand the feelings. Feel the feels, if you will. We can look and find truth. We can look and feel and eventually know. Greater knowledge, strong truth, a forgiveness, a peace, within. Take time and gather up some glory of simple (and complex) life forces. It is here for each to enjoy. Allow others to be free to enjoy as well, remembering to cut and clear cords of attachments which no longer serve. There is typically much of those which need cutting and mending. Open thy heart to higher truths. Clear the obstacles for an open-hearted life path. Find mercy in the path, the way, the truth, the light. Heart Centered Awareness is where we are going. Less Logic thinky thinking and More Heart Love. It is the way forward.

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