transmute suffering through prayer and meditation

time of growth

transmute suffering through prayer and meditation

  • Nov 23, 2021
  • Encouragement, Self Discovery

“Breathe Deep the gathering gloom. Watch lights fade from every room. Cold hearted orb that rules the night. Removes the colors from our sight.” Some deep lyrics from an old song which may feel like today. Though do know that we are not losing the fight (of love of light) and we can and shall flow and glow regardless of the out-worldly happenings of any given day. We have and will continue to look around the world and see stress and strife. Death and destruction. A shattering and suffering of greater proportions in our own memory. For we are in a time of change (growth). We are in a time of transparency (so we see more). We are ALSO in a time of transmutation and alchemical love bombs. A way of changing the dark into light, fear into love, and suffering into a grateful and open heart (purpose). This may not seem like something we even wish to do on any given day, when our hearts are breaking for others: for our neighbors, for the world. Though do remember we can transmute much suffering through prayer and meditation, through unconditional loving sacred practices, and through peaceful activism (which is typically NOT found on Social Media ~ most of THAT is “programmed” for further division and mind discordance: Oh Discordia!). When we can keep our own vibration raised, we help raise the planet. So do not feel guilty when taking media breaks or other kinds of breaks required to keep our own vibrations high. That surely does HELP, in the long run. Do Breathe Deep, regardless of the gathering gloom, for we can transmute it into light. “Red is grey, and yellow, white. But we decide what is right. And what is an illusion.” Be Grateful. Stay Blessed. LoveNLight ~


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