We have all we need. We have love in our hearts.

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We have all we need. We have love in our hearts.

  • Sep 14, 2021
  • Encouragement, Self Discovery
We may not feel like we do at certain times when things feel rough, or we feel forgotten or unworthy. Or when we simply feel sick, unwell, or sorry for ourselves. Though we are still full of love for that is our life force energy. If we are still here, we can still find that love in our hearts and spread it out into this world, in need. Do not let the ways of the world dishearten thee.
There is still love and this earthly existence is still powerful. All is not lost, and it shall never be. We have love. At the same time, we can be reminded of other aspects of our existence which may have been forgotten or neglected. We are powerful. We are strong. We have power and strength and all things needed to weather any storm. We are worthy. We are gifted. We have worth and knowledge and gifts we came in with and those which we have acquired to share with others.
Sometimes we simply need to remind our self. Our bodies are capable. Our minds are clear. Our strength is purposeful. Our existence is bountiful. Simple reminders for today so that each day we stand tall, in purpose, and with a heart open awareness for SELF and the collective. It does not need to be difficult, this healing, this loving, the tall standing. It can just BE. When we remember. And Believe. Believing is part of manifesting and creation. Take cues from self to strengthen your resolve and belief system/s today. I AM THAT I AM. I AM THAT. I AM. IAM.
We are where we are supposed to be at any given time. And all can be made manifest, better, and more aligned to our UNITY, when living in “the now,” and the ideals of oneness, creation. LOVE AND LIGHT AND HAVE A BLESSED DAY. LOVE AND LIGHT!

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