All can be created HERE in the NOW in the I AM PRESENCE


All can be created HERE in the NOW in the I AM PRESENCE

  • Sep 14, 2021
  • Self Discovery
We have all we need, and we can do great things with it. We can do small things and big things though all can be created HERE in the NOW in the IAM PRESENCE. Many feel depleted over the past few years of struggle and strife. Most have a deep-seated confusion and/or discordance there. This is how things are playing out here on Planet Earth Side and we can work and play through all of it, regardless. Many feel unsteady or stymied, even. We need not have to be. Instead, we can work and play toward a future of love and peace and compassion. We can know about the rest of it though we can focus on the best of it. SEE? Positivity goes a long way. Regardless of what is happening in this world of worlds, do stay positive, for there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is always light creeping in and showing the way. Sometimes we do not see it though knowing and believing it is there is part of the equation for Higher Vibrational Living. We need not even focus on the glorious future of earth side living. WE can dance in the Here and Now where the love, sacredness, and beauty grows. We are beauty. We are sacred. We and love. Do not forget the positive and the finer things in life. When we focus there and love there and BE HERE NOW, we gain much. We remember who we A.R.E. We remember our sacredness and that of The Higher Dimensions which we are a part. Never give up hope. Stay in the Here Now and find the love. It is in our hearts. It is your heart. Open and Shine Today. This world needs your beauty. LOVE AND LIGHT AND BLESSED DAY TO YOU. LOVENLIGHT

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