What do you wish to love in the world?


What do you wish to love in the world?

  • Nov 09, 2021
  • Self Discovery, Mental Health
Breathe and Ground. Love and Forgive. Release the anger which may have cropped up due to outside influences. We can do much to help those around us and the world at large. We need not do it with anger and contempt, nor frustration, even. It is best to do good works with and through good intentions and that requires the feelings behind “the cause” to be that of a positive nature. If not, we simply accumulate more anger and confusion within our own body/mind/spirit and spread more of that out into the world. What do you wish to see in the world? BE that. What do you wish to love in the world? LOVE that. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, so they do say. We can BE strong and courageous as well as loving and empathetic. Many who are practicing the sacred arts are actually be-coming that which they fear for they forget who we really ARE and forget the nature of and the reasons for the sacred practices. Love can move mountains. Compassion can release generations of neglect. Standing Strong IN The Light is the noblest of actions ~ as we are Being IN Creative Action. Do release that which weighs on our mind, body and spirit. Let no actions “out there” corrupt the “with IN you.” It is as easy as that. It also takes practice. Sacred Practice. Loving Practice. Dedicated Practice. If we are not releasing the past, we are bringing it forward. Release and Love. Release and Forgive. Release and Be PRO Active. In The Positive. In The Love Of Life And Light. LOVE AND LIGHT AND HAVE A BLESSED DAY FOR WE ARE TRULY BLESSED AND PROTECTED AND GLORIOUS IN OUR BIRTHRIGHT.

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